Thursday, April 7, 2011


                                                       Gavin had me on my back pounding deep in my ass. He had already cum twice in my tight little shithole. Oredering me not to leak. If I did he would slap me across the face. He also had his hands firmly around my throat. I began feeling him squeezing my throat tightly as his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he unloaded yet again in my already full creamy spunk filled ass. I felt like a jellied donut about to burst. Gavin held my ass cheeks together as he pulled out. Then ordered me to get on me knees and hold it in as he had Bruno mount me and guided his red love shaft into my already abused asshole. This was the first time I had let Bruno penetrate me anally.

                                                     I began crying out and Gavin clamped a hand tightly on my mouth. Bruno seemed to thrust more excitedly in my ass than he did in my pussy. I guess because its hotter and tighter. I bit one of Gavin's fingers as Bruno began picking up even more speed. Gavin reached under me and began to rub my clit. Finally I began relaxing as I felt Bruno's second spurts of doggy jizz in my already human jizzed ass. Gavin before having Bruno mount me gave me a bowl and I put it under me as it all began to ooze and gush out. Gavin kept rubbing my clit and I soon came as Bruno also came again. I began to feel him swell and knew that he was about to knot. I began to whimper and then started raising my voice in a shout. Gavin placed his hand back over my mouth.

"Grind your little incestuous beast fucked ass into that knot."

It hurt too much. But I did it as tears streamed down my face.

"I said to work and milk that knot with your little skank ass!" He slapped me across the face.

I began humping it and grinding it harder and harder as Gavin kept yelling at me. Bruno began humping back. And it somehow felt like his knot went up a size by doing that. Which made me squeel in pain. Finally Bruno began going limp and fell out. He licked my torn and bleeding ass for a second or two.

"Now squeeze all of that luv cum into that bowl." I squeezed and pushed until the bowl was almost over flowing. Gavin had me slosh it around to mix his and Bruno's cum. After he was satisfied. He ordered me to drink it. I drank every last drop and proceeded to lick the bowl clean. Gavin stroked my hair.

"That's a girl. Later today we're going to my friend Troy's farm and your going to let him and I fuck you anyway we please. Also his horse Mallox." I began to argue about fucking someone I don't even know. When Gavin shoved 2 fingers in my already bruised, swollen, and slightly bleeding asshole. Jamming and thrusting them in there as hard as he could. Which caused me to begin crying again.

"I don't give a fuck what you want. I'm your master. You obey me." He said as he slid his fingers out and had me lick them clean.

It may not seem like it, but since my brother and I have been together. Dating as an actual couple. I love being his little slave whore. I love it when he beats and degrades me, but only in a sexual manner. I've met Troy on a few occassions and Mallox. Mallox is a giant, black Arabian with soft gold eyes. He's a very beautiful animal, and I don't mind giving horse cock a try, but I'm just nervous about the size.


For nearly two hours I let Gavin and Troy have me everywhich and anyway possible. Which was actually kind of fun, and enjoyable. They lead me out to the stable. And before starting with Mallox they take me to an empty stall and begin inserting dildos of all shapes and sizes into my pussy and asshole each one getting gradually bigger. Until Troy is satisfied that I can handle Mallox. When we get to Mallox's stall Troy sticks a few fingers in me and pulls themm out. He tells me to take Mallox and gently stroke and kiss his area as Troy has him sniff his fingers with my juice on them. Mallox whinnies.

I'm already stroking, licking, kissing as Mallox begins growing longer and getting harder. Soon I'm taking as much of his equine cock in my mouth as I can and deep throat not even a quarter of it. Mallox humping my mouth nearly choking me. I begin gagging and release it from my mouth. I don't think I can manage giving him a full blowjob. So I lick and jack his shaft. I see a vein swelling but not his entire dick and Troy said he's about to blow his first load. So I position myself right under his massive head. I get quick small thin sprays then as quickly as I recieve the small spritzer I'm being showered and coated with horse spunk. It's thicker than Bruno's, saltier and even has a gamey taste. Gavin wipes me off a little and troy brings out what looks like a small ladder but with a wider top.

They set it under Mallox and have me climb on top. And lay down. Troy has me drape my legs over the sides and then guides Mallox enermous hose like cock into my slightly quivering pussy. I close my eyes and take in a sharp breath as the head slips in. I look down and see a slight bulge under my skin. Troy guides more of Mallox in. I clench my jaw to keep from yelping. I look over at Gavin for reassurance and he has his cock out stroking away like he does when I'm with Bruno. Slowly Mallox begins humping and Troy moves out of the way. I begin moaning as I get use to his size, but begin whimpering as Mallox drives it in deeper and faster. The ladder begins shaking and rocking but not violently. Mallox is breathing hard and snorting. Soon I see his haunches lunge forward and he mounts his thighs around the ladder like it was the ass of a mare. I moan and shudder as I cum and cum and cum again. Finally Mallox whinnies and snorts. And I feel the head bulge as he unloads his horsee load in me. It feels like a fire hydrant spraying and coating my inside. Since he doesn't knot. He pulls out and trots a little ways a way to recover. After 20 minutes. Troy tries to get Mallox interested again so we can perform anal. But he doesn't seem interested.

Which I'm kind of grateful for. There's always tomorrow though.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Baby Bruno PART 2

                                                     A few weeks later. I'm in my room listening to music and talking to a friend. When there's a knock on my bedroom door. The only people home are me and my brother Gavin.
  "What do you want?" I call.

"Uh, I need to speak to you." Gavin says.

"Later." I say and go back to my phone conversation.

I hear the door open and Gavin sits on my bed. Gavin is 19. About 6'1", pretty buff, blue eyes, shaggy blond hair, his tongue is pierced, his libre, each eyebrow, and my friends he's screwed around with say he has a giant hoop on his head.....

I tell my friend I have to go.

"What?" I ask clearly annoyed.

He smiles.

"What were you doing on my computer Courtney?" He raises a studded eyebrow.

My stomach drops as my mind goes back to my first, but not last time I let Bruno fuck me.

"I was on your computer?" I act nonchalant, but still nervous.

He looks at Bruno clacking his tongue ring across his teeth.

"So is Bruno a good lay? Is that why you got him?" He smirks.

My face turns white. "I, I, uh, GET OUT GAVIN!" I point at the door.

He lays down on my bed.

"I'm not going anywhere Court." He stretches. "Not until you start talking......."

I cross my arms. He knows, I might as well give in.

"What does it matter if I did?"

He turns so he's propped up on my pillow.

"It's hot that's all...."

I'm totally taken aback.

"Hot? Why?" I feel my stomach tighten, but I'm anticipating what he'll say next.

"Courtney you're fucking sexy. Look at you. If you weren't my sister......"

I look at him. "If I wasn't your sister what?"

He gets up and stands in front of me. He leans over and whispers in my ear. Lips brushing my lobe.

I supress a moan.

"I would toatally fuck you."

I gulp silently. I've always thought he exuded sex appeal. 19, a bad boy, piercings, tats, a guitarist in a band.....

I whisper. I try to hide my interest wondering if it's a prank, but my voice breaks.

"Even though I am your sister.....would you still fuck me?"

He walks me backwards into the wall. Foreheads touching, looking me deep in the eyes, hands on both sides of neck, thumbs behind each of my ears.

"Would you let me?" He gives me that coy rockstar grin.

I'm breathing so hard my chest is shuddering.

"Yeah, I would let you fuck me." As soon as the words are out, his lips press against mine, my arms around his neck, his tongue in my mouth, I grind against his cock. It's rock hard, I begin grinding super harder. I bite his lip. He moans. His hand goes up my shirt. I'm grabbing his hair. When we hear our mom.

"Kids dinner is ready!'

We kiss a minute longer, he nips my neck. Then shoves off of me while grinding his cock against me. He leaves the room, and heads down stairs. I go to the bathroom and splash water on my face. Trying to hide my flush. And change into another pair of shorts. I go downstairs.

As we're eating dinner and having regular conversation about school. Gavin's next gig, etc. I feel his hand on my thigh, and his fingers slide in the leg of my shorts, he begins rubbing my clit. I have to grab my glass of water and take a drink to keep from moaning. His elbow is on the table, head in his hand. Smiling at me innocently as he begins rubbing faster.

"May I be excused?" Gavin asks. My parents allow him to leave the table.

I wait a few minutes and finish eating before I leave the table. My mom and dad tell me that they're leaving again this weekend in 2 hours. They own a business and are constantly leaving on trips.

I go back to my room. Knowing what's more than likely going to happen when they leave. I hear Gavin playing guitar in his room. Before I know it my parents come and tell Gavin and I goodbye and to be safe. 20 minutes after they're gone. Gavin knocks on my door. I'm wearing a turqoise blue satin bra and panties that bring out my eyes.

"Come in" I say as sexily as I can.

Gavin whistles as he enters. Wearing nothing but black basketball shorts.

"You look sexy as hell....." he bites his lip.

I walk over to him and kiss him. He runs a hand up and down my back.

Then unsnaps my bra and as it falls he takes my nipple in his mouth and lays me on the bed.

I hear Bruno begin to growl. Gavin looks over at him.

"You'll get your turn."

We foreplay. Get a feel for eachother. Gavin isn't as big as Bruno but he feels good. He's 7 1/2 compared to Bruno's 9 1/2. We slow fuck, while kiising, and caressing. The whole time Bruno pacing the floor.  I feel Gavin's cock tightening.

"Pull out Gavin."

"Where do you want it?'

He pulls out and a slide my mouth on it and bob up and down until he explodes which doesn't take long. Gavin pats my ass.

"I wanna see Bruno fuck you." He gives a cocky grin.

I get on the floor and Bruno pads up. Eagerly licking my face. I grab his sheath and pull it back. I begin licking, and as it grows longer I begin sucking. Bruno gently humping my mouth. I feel the first true spurts of jizz in my mouth. I'm so into sucking him off. I don't notice Gavin behind me until his prick enters me. And slowly humps me as I continue to deep throat Bruno. I back away from Bruno and Gavin pulls out. As I have Bruno mount me. As soon as he's in. Gavin once again presents his swollen cock to me. I moan as Bruno gets deeper and deeper until my body nearly goes slack from the sensation of euphoria. Except for me licking Gavin's head and shaft. Then deep throating his whole length until my lips are pressed against his skin. I get Gavin off before I feel Bruno swelling.

Gavin staring in awe.  As my body just convulses and I let out a whimper as Bruno begins knotting.

"Bruno. Ahhhhh. Oh" I gasp "Oh OH Oh God. Uhhhh."

I grind against the knot something I learned to do after several times of our beasty sex.  I keep grinding until my clit is swollen. And he's too big to grind.

I throw my head back and groan and whimper as load after load after multiple load fills me. And gushes down my legs.

"Ah mmmmhmmmm ahhhh ahhh uh mmmmmm"

After 10 minutes Bruno begins to go limp and plops out. He licks me bruised and swollen cunt. Then trots out of the room.

Gavin helps me up and helps me walk to the bathroom. We take a shower together. I'm to sore to have vaginal. But I let him fuck me in my ass all night long until we crash.

Chou Chou Licking 1:05

Hungry Puppy

My Baby Bruno

                                               I get home from a boring day at school. I had to take the bus even though I'm 16, and have a car.....but my stupid parents are going to be gone all weekend. My parents are the type that record everything I do on the computer, every text I send and receive is emailed to them, every cell call recorded and emailed to them. My parents are nutty ass hats. I have no self-privacy except at home that has nothing to do with electronics.

                                              Also my parents made me get a guard dog for times like these. So I got a Doberman named Bruno because he reminds me of the bouncers you see at posh night clubs. He's 6 feet tall when he stands on his hind legs and that's not including his tail. He's buff and looks like a walking muscle. Bruno is a very sweet dog. Even for his size and the fact that he's 3 years old. He acts like a baby and just HAS to be everywhere I am.

                                           The first thing I want to do is take a shower. I've been in gym and then ran after school before my bus came. So I pick out an outfit and lay it out on the bed. Along with what scent of body lotion and perfume I feel like today. Today I happen to feel like a sweet citrus. I go in the hall and get a towel out of the linen closet. I then make my way to the bathroom. I left Bruno asleep on my bed.

                                           I'm just about to shut the bathroom door when I hear Bruno whimpering.
"Get in here you big baby." I say a little irritated. He sniffs the air and makes his way to his own bathroom rug that I placed for his personal use and goes back to sleep.

                                           I get undressed and look at myself. I have long blond hair to my breasts that's straight, big blue eyes, tan skin, full red pouty lips, I have a skinny-athletic build, with plump breasts that are now about C38's, with soft brown nipples. I have to admit I'm a bit vain. Just looking at myself turns me on. I've had many boyfriends. Although I've only slept with 5 guys. A couple of girls, but I don't feel satisfied. They're highschool boys. What can they really do?

                                        I decide to take a moderately cool shower. The cold water hits my nipples and they harden. I wash my hair, as I begin washing my body my fingers begin to wander. I put my back against the shower wall, and spread my legs. I begin rubbing my clit and toying with the hood piercing my parents have no idea I have. I let out a soft moan. I stick a finger in and begin sliding it in and out. I go back to my clit and have a small orgasm. I decide to turn the shower off and switch it bath. I make the water hot. And lay on my back, shoving my ass against the wall under the faucet. I spread my legs wide and pull my pussy lips open to expose more of my clit. The water hits my already sensitive clit and I begin shuddering and shaking. Gasping and moaning. As orgasm after orgasm hits me.

                                       I recover and turn the water off. I open the shower door and grab my towel. I walk out of the bathroom and to my room Bruno padding behind me. I close the door and drop the towel. I grab the lotion and begin slowly moisturizing myself. I do my legs and pussy last. As I'm reaching for the body spritzer I feel Bruno's big tongue licking at the lotion here and there on my legs. Which is normal Bruno behavior. He then begins licking behind my knees, which is one of my many erogenous zones. I almost buckle and begin slapping at him.

"Quit Bruno! Quit!"

                                     He quits licking my knees, but continues licking my legs. I bend over and start reaching for my clothes when I feel his nose sniffing around my private area vigorously. I walk away from him and Bruno follows me. Still sniffing away.

"What is your deal?!" He cocks his head at me, tongue hanging out. I decide to get dressed in a minute and check my emails. So I plop down on my computer chair and begin checking. Bruno gives up his curious sniffing and lays down and begins to clean himself. As he does he sniffs the air again. Then begins cleaning his business. I ignore him and get bored and decide to surf the web for some mind numbing entertainment. I come across a highschool sports site. While a football vid is playing. I get up to get dressed. As I'm putting on my last article a pair of booty shorts. I see Bruno furiously cleaning. And what I see shocks me. I can't see all of it but what I do see......I see the tip of a plump red cock. I never knew a dog could be that big and its just the tip.......I look away and go back to what I'm doing on the computer. My thoughts going back to Bruno's prick......and how I'm not satisfied sexually....

                           I go to my older brother's room. He's gone too but for a few weeks instead of the weekend. They don't monitor him. I get on his computer and look up stuff on bestiality. I thought I would be repulsed, but actually I'm turned on. Finally I look up a site on 'how to fuck a dog'. I read and the reread everything. But decide to do things my own way.

                        I go in my room and lay a couple of towels down. I call Bruno over and have him lay down. I undress. And begin rubbing his belly for a min then slide my hand down to his furry sheath. I rub it and stroke it. I feel a little wetness. Knowing its probably cum. I pull the sheath back and bend over. I lick it and his inner thigh jumps. I continue to lick and it begins to swell and elongate. So I take his big red cock and stick it in my mouth. I begin moving my mouth up and down his doggy shaft. I see his inner thigh twitch again. As it  does something hot and creamy shoots in my mouth. I swalloow it.

"MMMmm Bruno your doggy spunk tastes so good."

I take his cock in my mouth again and moan as I begin playing with my already soaked pussy. Bruno smells my pussy and gets up and begins sniffing it.

"You wanna taste mama's pussy Bruno? You wanna lick mama good?"

Bruno sniffs it closer and sticks out his big tongue and licks straight onto my clit. I shudder. He licks it again and I get wetter. Bruno begins licking the pussy juice off my thighs and goes back to my clit. I open my lips and suddenly his tongue is licking deep inside me. I can't contain it anymore. I fall back as he licks deeper and more aggressively.

"OH good boy. Oh. Oh Yeah. Fuck yeah. Oh Bruno. Oh you good boy. UUHhhh."

He stops and nips my ass whimpering. I know what he wants.

I take a deep breath and get on my elbows and kness. He automatically mounts me. He begins jabbing slowly. Each time he hits my lips but doesn't jab far enough. So I reposition myself. And take my hand and guide him in. As soon as his tip meets me hole. He shoves it in. And furiously begins humping as more and more of it slides in. I moan and gasp. Soon he's going super deep and super fast. And hard.....I've never been pounded so hard. I cry out. I feel all 9 1/2 inches thrusting inside me. And his dick is so thick and swollen it feels like my cunt is going to split. My cunt continues to stretch as I realize he's knotting.


The whole time we're coupled I just feel stream after stream of extra hot doggy spunk shooting inside me. As he knots and is finally knotted. The cum gets hotter and jets out more often.

I'm quaking and spasming. I'm constantly cumming so hard my clit is fucking numb but I somehow feel a tremendous tingle as each and every orgasm racks my body.

Finally he stops. And just stays on my back. Alert, but motionless. As more cum fills my aching and nearly torn pussy. My knees are just wading in a pool of cum.

After 15 minutes. I feel him loosening and hear a plopping sound. As he pulls out. And more splooge splashes into the puddle. I collapse. I'm so worn out I can't even move. So I don't. I lay there and fall asleep as I dream about Bruno's cock shredding my pussy.